Insights for 2017

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Every day, our colleagues take care of people facing uncertain situations. Whether they have a workplace injury, need time away for the birth of a child, experience a medical situation that will lead to time off, are in an auto accident, or suffer product or property damage, we are here to let them know that it’s going to be ok. Caring counts.℠

Part of our job in caring for these people is to simplify and clarify the process, and to explain what consumers can expect. An evolving system, shifting regulations, rapidly advancing technology and economic uncertainties add to the complexities they face. Sedgwick is committed to making the process easier and we work behind the scenes to improve results – for clients, as well as their employees and customers. To ensure we provide the best possible service, our team stays plugged in to important industry trends impacting businesses. With our expert resources and capabilities, we help support our clients’ goals related to productivity and sustainability.

Bringing to light important issues and topics to help our clients stay informed is a critical part of the services we provide. Key areas in the spotlight for the coming year include good health empowerments, regulation transformations, consumer-centric progressions, risk circumventions and tech modernisms.