Join Sedgwick’s find your fit club


Walking the exhibit hall, meeting with business partners, and making the hospitality rounds add up to a lot of steps!  You might be surprised at how many miles you cover during RIMS.

Sedgwick invites you to find your fit by tracking your daily activity.  For some extra motivation, Sedgwick will be awarding a prize each day of the conference to the participant that logs the most steps.

How does it work?
Each day before noon mountain time, record the number of steps you took the previous day.

We will notify the winner through email and post the day’s result on this site and via social media (using the winner’s screen name) by 2:00pm mountain time.

The participant with the most steps that day will win a Withings WS-50 Smart Body Analyzer to help you assess and track your overall health goals long after RIMS has ended.

The Withings WS-50





Join the find your fit group today!