The RIMS app

Sedgwick is proud to once again sponsor the RIMS 2017 mobile app which provides easy-to-use interactive capabilities to enhance your conference experience, including features to help you create your schedule, navigate the exhibit hall, connect with others during the conference, follow all of the social media buzz, and accelerate your success during the conference.

The RIMS 2017 Mobile App “My Planner” now syncs with “My Itinerary” in the Attendee Service Center. Bookmarking sessions and events will enable you to multi select sessions and events into your agenda. Conflicts on your schedule are now allowed. To create a formal conference agenda, please select one session/event per time slot. Bookmarked sessions, exhibitors and speakers can be found at “MY PLANNER” (menu at the bottom of the mobile app).

Download the app: Visit the App Store or Google Play on your mobile device and search for “RIMS Events.” Additional instructions can be found at